International Recognition

The Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation under Grand Master Hwang's guidance, strive to keep General Choi's Teachings alive and as true to it's original form as was intended by General Choi Hong Hi.  As one of Three Grand Masters personally promoted by General Choi, the heritage and prestige of such recognition is well established.  International Recognition and Certification for Degree Rank from First Dan through Ninth Dan, Examiner certification for International Ranks (4th Degree) and above and Umpires class A, B and C are afforded to our members as appropriate.  These certifications are from Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung personally, the President of the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation.


World Class Education

As an associate of Unified ITF, you have priority access to the resources both domestically and internationally under Grand Master Hwang's humble guidance.  Hand in hand with International Recognition and Certification is a quality assurance process to protect the integrity and prestige of such qualifications. The UITF sanctioned seminars, workshops and courses not only work towards ensuring such quality but attract discounts for it's members in a friendly, non-confrontational environment.  Engagement is ongoing and support in your personal development is offered at a pace you can meter.  Your progression in Taekwon-Do, whether it be at the cutting-edge elite or as a casual practitioner, is yours to control.  Assistance with your school in fitness and personal training regimens along with marketing and administration are also offered both as a professional service and shared among our members.


How Your Membership is Valued

Unified ITF has a perpetual invitation to anyone with a genuine desire to learn (and teach) true Taekwon-Do as laid down by General Choi Hong Hi.  With the fracturing of Taekwon-Do as presented by various interest, the real fear is the erosion of Taekwon-Do in it's purest form.  Since the General passed away in 2002, the emphasis for Grand Master Hwang is on maintaining the Purity of the General's Taekwon-Do.  This legacy is utmost and the Unified ITF has an extensive list of talented and experienced Masters and Grand Masters throughout the world willing to guide and educate anyone interested of the core teachings and values of Taekwon-Do.  You as a member become an integral part of this very important legacy.  The skills, values and experience you stand to gain are world class and you in turn become a valued proponent of the True Art of Taekwon-Do.  Your membership allows us the privilege to host many of these Masters and Grand Masters on our doorstep to personally deliver their extensive knowledge, experience and history with General Choi and his beloved Art.  Contact Us for further information.

The politically charged and the self-interested need not apply.