President/Founder: Grand Master Hwang, Kwang Sung

Senior Vice President: Grand Master Norberto Puello
Secretary General: Vacant
Spokesperson: L.T.C Dave Bing Lyles
Special Assistant to Grand Master Hwang: Mr. Davis Martin
Executive Secretary: Mrs. Jenny Hwang Siggins


Regional Representatives

Head Coordinator of South America: Master Marcelo Aciar
Head Coordinator of Latin America: Master Miguel Reyes
Spokesperson for Latin America: Mr. Jose Laloma
Head Coordinator of Europe: Master Gary Bradshaw



Technical Committee: Chair, Vacant

Purpose: To promote, educate and preserve the proper execution of Taekwon-Do techniques and the legacy of General Choi, Hong Hi in his creation of Taekwon-Do. Assist GM Hwang with seminars.


Legacy and Educational Committee: Chair, Master Nigel Paul

Purpose: To promote, educate and preserve the history, theory and moral culture of Taekwon-Do and the legacy of General Choi, Hong Hi.

Committee Members: Mr. Thomas Kuah


Tournament Committee: Chair, Master Scott Bower

Purpose: To maintain the UITF tournament rules and regulations, ensure quality and consistency for all UITF sanctioned tournaments and preserve the legacy of Gen Choi, Hong Hi.


Umpire Committee: Chair, Master Gary Bradshaw

Purpose: To educate UITF Umpires, promote the consistent execution of the UITF Rules and Regulations and preserve the legacy of Gen Choi, Hong Hi.


Disciplinary Committee: Chair, Master Monty Hendrix

Purpose: To enforce the rules, regulations and standard operating procedures of the UITF through a fair and unbiased procedure.


Promotional Committee: Chair, Master Thomas Gordon

Purpose: To ensure the fair, non-biased and legitimate promotion of international instructors and masters in the UITF.

Committee Members: Master Monty Hendrix, Master Gary Bradshaw


Membership Committee: Chair, Mrs. Jenny Hwang Siggins

Purpose: To assist new and existing members and provide quality service to surpass member expectations.

Committee members: Mrs. Katherine Kuah


Business Development Committee: Chair, Michelle Golino-Crisco

Purpose: To provide business expertise with the goal of establishing best practices for the organizations as well as providing support and guidance for the success of member schools.



All Executives and Committee Members are contactable via the Contact Us form.